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professional surgical clinic…

Our clinic provides convenient and personalised Surgical as well as Anaesthetic service. Comprehensive Specialist Surgical Service includes:

  • Open Access Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy, for the diagnosis, screening/surveillance and therapy of gastrointestinal polyps, cancers and inflammatory conditions.
  • Endocrine surgery, including surgery for Thyroid gland, Parathyroid gland, Adrenal Gland
  • Breast Surgery, including benign or cancerous lesions
  • Hernia, including advanced laparoscopic repair.
  • Skin Cancer, including biopsy and definitive therapy
  • Gall bladder problem
  • General Surgery personalised to individual needs.
  • Acute Surgery, such as abscesses, appendicitis, cholecystitis, bowel obstruction requiring emergency surgery.


 * Please note that all surgery and anaesthesia would be conducted in theatre environment in compliance to patients safety guideline. We do provide minor surgical services in the clinic setting. Please contact us to find out more.